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Acroname Robotics and computer information; features robot gallery.
Radio Shack Basic electronic supplies.
Diverse Electronics Services Motor controller electronics 
JK microsystems Embedded DOS computers and ethernet industrial controllers.
Small Parts, Inc. Mechanical robot parts.
Robot  Robot Kits, Robotics, and Toy Robots
Robotics FAQ Contains great stuff on every aspect of robotics including information, parts sources, etc.
Military Robots Robotics at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center -- Many cool robots!
Mouser Extensive electronics supply.
Digi-Key Electronics supply & great service.
Robotics Design group - leading corporation in the field of modular robotic technology. Mobile, robotics manipulators, manual arms, and inspection cameras.
Robot Store For the robotics hobbyist.
Electronics Huge electronics site
The Guru's Lair Don Lancaster's site as advertised in Nuts & Volts Magazine.
Beyond LogicGreat info for interfacing  parallel, serial, & USB ports, interrupts, etc.
Kadtronix -Robotics and Real-time programming
Robots Store Online
Online Hobby Shop
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